Family Law - divorce and adoption

Family Law - Divorce and Adoption

Family law is one area that Attorney John Nelson is very passionate about. As a father of five and having gone through divorce he understands how hard the emotional aspects of divorce are. At the same time his empathetic approach will help you navigate one of the most trying times in your life.

John Nelson and his children


Calling a divorce attorney is hard. In fact, just calling an attorney is hard. The decision on whether to get divorced is tangled up with kids, pets, cars, house, and stuff. How does it get split up? Who will see the kids and when. New Smyrna and Port Orange Divorce Attorney John Nelson can have frank conversations with you from first-hand experience.


One area of adoption that has personally intrigued me is working within families where a child may not be able to care for their own children due to death, drugs, or incarceration. In otherwords "grandparent adoption" or "close family member adoption".