Volusia County Copyright Attorney - How do I get a copyright?

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What is a copyright?

Copyrights protect individual or company ideas that are brought to life through pen and paper, sculptures, photos, music, or any other tangible means. A slogan, poem, or jingle can be copyrighted and will provide another layer of protection for your brand, business, or personally developed works of art.

Remember what the Supreme Court said, “Ideas are as free as the air.”
But when the disclosure of an idea may be of substantial benefit to whom the idea is disclosed, and the person conveying the idea conveys the idea with the expectation that compensation will be paid if the idea is used, then the benefit from using the idea conferred upon the recipient can be valuable consideration creating a valid and legal obligation.

Copyright-Statute of Limitations

Do not sit on a potential claim. Statute of Limitations begins to run when the damage to the idea accrues, specifically, when the disclosure of the idea destroys the marketability of the story and cause actual damage to the author.